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TyBOT Key Features

TyBot autonomously ties rebar intersection without any human interaction.
  • Self-navigation of its working area

  • No pre-mapping or calibration required

  • Less than half-shift setup time


TyBot can tie up to 1000 rebar intersections and create up to a 50% man hour reduction.
  • 1,100 ties/hr work rate 

  • Productivity gains of at least 150%

TyBot can tie day or night, rain or shine.
  • Runs day or night, rain or shine, without breaks or injuries

TyBot is completely autonomous and does not require human intervention. A trained QCT is sent with every lease to assist with any minor maintence concerns.
  • Robot Supervisor provided to monitor the robot and perform maintenance on site

TyBot can tie in 50% or 100% patterns on rebar up to size #8x#9
  • Ties in 100% or 50% pattern on bottom and top mats

  • Rebar sizes up to #8 by #9

  • Accommodates bridges up to 100ft wide

TyBot self identifies and ties rebar intersections in any weather condition.

TyBOT takes care of the repetitive, backbreaking task of tying rebar while your crew focuses on more complex tasks.  Onsite and working within hours, TyBOT self-locates, self-positions and self-ties up to 1,100 intersections per hour, day or night, rain or shine, while improving jobsite safety.

TyBOT Information Sheets

Specification Sheet

Have a specific question about TyBOT specifications and job site requirements? Check out the specification sheet.

Project Portfolio

TyBOT is a robot made for real jobsites and has served alongside crews across the country. Check out our portfolio!

Other FAQ

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