the Associatio of General Contractors and Autodesk awarded Brayman Construction Corporation and ACR for being the most innovative contractors in the country. ACR was proud to bring this award home to Pittsburgh.
Builtworlds awarded TyBot LLC as is 2019 industry disruptor for its advances in autonomous technology. TyBot serves on job sites in the construction industry today, and is available to rent or purchase
HelloTommorow is an international technology magazine that recognied TyBot as an innovative robotics startup and leading industry innovator.


Engineering News Record recognized Advanced Contruction Robotics Co-Founder Stephen Muck as a construction industry leader, innovator, and expert for his work in integrating technology in the industry.
the LH accelerator is an international technology investment program. They provide resources and expertise to innovative technology companies like ACR and TyBot LLC. TyBot was seleted as one of the most innovative startups to particpate.

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