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TyBot® joins the BuiltWorld Workforce Conference Conversation

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. Co-Founder and CEO Stephen Muck joined the discussion as a panel speaker at the BuiltWorlds Future Workforce Conference in Chicago, IL this month. The large focus of this year’s Future Workforce Conference addressed the continued labor shortage facing the construction industry and how to correct the effects felt on productivity.

Steve was joined by others from different roles of the industry to discuss the attempted solutions to deal with the issues facing the industry’s future workforce. The discussion offered an opportunity to share information on human robotic interaction in construction based on real time experience with TyBot® and to address the misconception that technology replaces workers. Referring to the vision of Advanced Construction Robotics and TyBot, “Robots can do the risky mundane tasks people don’t enjoy doing allowing the worker the ability to focus on the more detailed tasks robots cannot do.” Muck said.

Highlighted topics of the discussion included:

1. The importance of educating and exposing school aged children to the array of opportunities available in Architecture, Engineering and Construction early.

2. Automation to improve the construction landscape for workers; not to replace the worker but to improve the overall landscape to improve productivity.

3. Adding technology desired by employees to streamline and simplify and strengthen workflow when necessary.

4. The importance of branding to find the right talent focusing on the “why” a potential employee should chose you.

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