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Stephen Muck honored at Pittsburgh Business Times Innovator Awards

TyBot, LLC Co-Founder and CEO, Stephen Muck was honored this month as a recipient of The Pittsburgh Business Times Innovator Award. Steve was nominated for his long time contributions to the construction industry along with his vision to impact the struggling productivity facing the industry by creating Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR). Under Stephen’s leadership, he established a unique and unparalleled partnership between Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc., Brayman Construction Corporation, and Grouse Ridge Capital, LLC to realize his vision of commercializing artificial intelligent solutions for the construction industry.

In 2018 Advanced Construction Robotics introduced the construction market to the first heavy civil autonomous robot, TyBot®. TyBot is a rebar-tying robot used in bridge deck construction. TyBot benefits contractors, tax payers, and laborers. Rebar tying is a tedious, laborious, repetitive, unpopular, and accident-prone activity that is increasingly difficult to staff. The construction industry nationwide is experiencing growing labor scarcity in almost all markets and geographies. In bridge construction, contractors often bid for work without knowing where their deck crew labor will come from, despite it being a critical path activity that can trigger costly liquidated damages for projects that run past completion deadlines. TyBot alleviates the risky nature of tying rebar and has the ability to keep the job on schedule regardless of weather or crew availability. ACR is providing solutions to address rising infrastructure repairs combined with the shrinking construction labor pool in the United States and throughout the world.

Since the creation of ACR, Stephen and his team have focused not only on the creation and commercialization of robotics for the industry, but in educating general contractors, union workers, media, and other industry entities on how innovating the industry is a necessity that does not need to wait for the future. TyBot provides proof that using artificial intelligence and robotics on jobsites is no longer a theory but a reality. ACR’s vision and technology will continued to be shared in 2019 with educational presentations and trainings including state level Department of Transportation schoolings and demonstrations for the international audience at Bauma, the largest construction trade show in the world.

For the second year, The Pittsburgh Business Times has honored 12 individuals with their Innovator Award. While this award spans many industries, the winners all are taking risks to solve real world problems by using innovation and challenging perspective.

Stephen Muck was joined by:

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· Lynn Banaszak, Disruptive Health Technology Institute

· Mark Hindsbo, Ansys

· Alan Russell, BioHybrid Solutions

· McMahan Gray, National Energy Technology Laboratory

· Jelena Janjic, Duquesne University

· Joel Carr, Braskem America

· Pengtao Xie, Petuum Inc.

· Sandra Mau, TrademarkVision

· Craig Stevenson, Auros Group

· Terrell Thomas, The Isaiah Project

· Sarah Palya, Gus Gear LLC

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