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Scheduling Your TyBot® Demo

At TyBot seeing is believing. Scheduling your own TyBot demo can be the beginning of your company discovering new ways to improve productivity and safety on your job sites. TyBot is your company's tool for reaching new levels of productivity. If you are unsure of how to deploy TyBot on your jobsite, these personalized demonstrations are just what you need to discover what modern innovation can do. To learn more about TyBot by Advanced Construction Robotics read the article below.

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What does it mean to say TyBot is autonomous?

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How do these demonstrations work?

These demonstrations are free of charge. To schedule your live demonstration, you simply have to get in contact with our sales team at Once you pick your date and location for the demonstration, we will arrive with the robot and will demonstrate directly on our trailer. There is no effort needed to prepare for the demonstration. Our team will explain to attendees what TyBot does, how it works, and how it can increase productivity, safety, and profits, while decreasing schedule risks. Our representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have or to schedule another demonstration.

How do you get TyBot on your job?

TyBot is available for lease or purchase. Upon contacting our sales team for a lease, we will produce a custom quote for you based on the size of your job, spacing of your rebar, and many other factors to ensure your quote is accurate. Learn more about the TyBot deployment process with this video:

Schedule your demonstration now by emailing our sales team: or call us at 954-952-5727

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