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Carson Carney, P.E. - Vice President of Sales and Technology Integration

Carson T. Carney, P.E. joins the TyBot team as the Vice President of Sales and Technology

Integration. Carson brings with him 24 years of major bridge building experience. His previous work focused on design management and operational procurement, planning and execution of projects both in the United States and overseas.

Carson lived and worked throughout the US and internationally in Canada on the Lions Gate Bridge Rehabilitation project and Scotland on the Queensferry Crossing project. Carson also worked on projects and with contractors in China, India, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile. His international and domestic experience with commercial contracts will bring value to the TyBot team.

“I was working on some automated systems development that focused on removing people from risk prone situations in bridge maintenance,” stated Carney. His research and development led to the realization that the construction industry was incredibly far behind when it comes to automation and technology integration compared to other industries. During this process he came across Advanced Construction Robotics and how it had realized this integration already with TyBot. “TyBot is a perfect example of the benefits automation can bring. It performs the same work while reducing man-hours which statistically will lead to improved safety performance. Eliminating risk is the highest priority in safety while planning work and TyBot achieves this.”

The construction industry is long overdue for integrating technology and automation. Carney added, “I'm excited to join the TyBot team and look forward to being a part of transforming an industry with this innovative equipment technology.”

Carson obtained his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995 and his Masters of Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University in 2007. He is a professional engineer licensed in the state of Washington. Carson resides in Cranberry Township, PA with his wife and three children.

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