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Stephen M. Muck co-founded Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. in 2016 where he leads as CEO, bringing over 30 years of experience in business and construction-related fields. Under his direction, Steve established a unique and unparalleled partnership between world-class robotics experts, construction industry veterans, and an innovative business team to realize his vision of commercializing intelligent products for the construction industry.

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Jeremy L. Searock co-founded Advanced Construction Robotics, Inc. in 2016 where he leads daily operations as President, ensuring the technical team and all supporting elements are efficiently working together to transform the construction industry through products applying robotics and artificial intelligence solutions.

In addition to our leadership, our engineering team members have been pushing the boundaries of field robotics for decades before ACR was founded. The depth and breadth of ACR's expertise comes from a long list of impressive project experience.

Our team combines dozens of years of construction expertise with world-class robotics innovators who, together, will push the construction industry into the next industrial revolution. This unique partnership drives the innovation of robotic products that fill the labor gap and increase productivity.   

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