Join us on our journey. The future is bright.

The Movement

Productivity gaps this wide only exist in one place, and thats construction. In an age mind-boggling advancements of technology, bridge decks everywhere are still using rusty pliars and tired human beings. Here is where ACR offers its solution. Our products increase the productivity of an entire worksite, making it a lucrative investment by contractors that slashes liquidated damages and worker compensation claims. ACR is an elite class company bringing AI to an archaic construction industry. Our robots provide an undeniably, mathematically, common sensably, better solution to the most monotonous of industry tasks.

The Math

As you can see by the graph above, ACR is not here to make claims, we are here to deliver results, and drive an industry. Our robots value is quantifiable and trackable. An ACR investment is an investment in something tangible, not just an idea. The confidence you can find in parnering with ACR is hard to find elsewhere. The industry is beginning to see this as well. Inquiries are pouring in from all over the world. Don't let your money get left behind the curve with the rest of the industry.

The Map

The world is excited about ACR. In countries on every continent, leaders in construction are taking notice of this new industrial revolution. ACR is here to answer a global need, and people have taken notice. Our little robotics shop in Western Pennsylvania is just getting started, and is developing into a global phenomenon. We would be privelaged to have you along for the ride.

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